Monday, 7 September 2009


Isn't it cute? Love this pair of shoes so much.. It looks classy and most importantly it's COMFY! Got it for only 6pounds.. lynn..interested? it comes in full black too.. =D

Friday, 7 August 2009

Will be missing you..

It's been a while since i blogged. Have been really busy since my family came to UK for my graduation. Just when they've gone back last week, few days later i received a text from mom that my granma was admitted to the hospital due to a fall and apparently she broke her pelvic bone and banged her head towards the wall in the toilet during the wee hours. She was then sent to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. She then had an operation later on and doctor said to monitor her to see if she could cope after the operation. But few hours later i received another text from mom that she passed away. She died at the age of 87 and i think she walked away in peace leaving her children and all 14 grandchildren. I wish i could live that long.. Rest in peace granma.. will be missing you..with lots of love..

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My New Blackberry 8900 Curve

I got this new gadget on the day I got my results which was on 9th July..woohoo!! My graduation pressie for myself!!! The best part of it is that it's FREE as i upgraded my phone from N82 to this new Blackberry 8900 Curve..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Sensation White Wicked Wonderland 2009 Amsterdam babeh!!

Sensation White Wicked Wonderland 2009 Amsterdam!! It was a blast and great warm thank you to Jerry and Jolyne for organizing a meet up for this event with people from all around the world. It was a wonderful evening. Djs on that night was Fedde Le Grand, Sebastian Ingrosso, Sander Van doorn and Mr.White!! We shall and i hope we do this again next year!! woohoo!!

Monday, 15 June 2009

It's always LONDON!

Let me start of with my real piece today. My friend, Kaelynn came miles away from Malaysia all the way to London to see me. How nice of her isn't she? Time flies off so quickly before you ever know it. How i wish the duration of time spent with your closed ones could last longer. This may sound lesbian-ish but lynn thank you for eveything throughout the years we've been friends. The memories and time cherished will all be embedded in our eyes and mind forever. Sadly, she's now back to her hot and humid country called Malaysia. Sigh...And so, when she was here we shopped and ate alot and also walked alot. I think we did gained abit of weight from all the bagels and junk food but the walking distance did burn off our fats.. She's been always complaining to me.."Babe, leg tired.." HAHA! such old lady. But I know hows it feel because when i first stepped down London I walked alot too! In Malaysia we normally drive but here..we WALK! So sad isn't it? But hey babe, bet you loose alot of weight here due to alot of walkings. Still, i wish i had a car here. sigh!.. The funny thing was, it was kinda summer-ish here when Kaelynn arrived but it was still feels like spring a little. Poor Kaelynn couldnt stand the coldness here that she had to wear my winter jackets. HAHAHA!! And as for me only t-shirt and cardigan. But as days goes by i could see she became stronger and stronger that she could stand the coldness and started complaining HOT! LOL!

Ohwell..back to shoppings. I was shocked to see the amount of stuff Kaelynn bought. Everyday, no fail she walks home with me with a bag or i should say BAGS. Imagine for 30days each day few items. Goshh..I didnt expect it was that much when she started packing her luggage. She came with one miserable luggage but it ended up two luggages with other bags when she packed up. Thank god her parents were coming over and that they could help her up. Kaelynn..shopaholic huh..=D When we were in London, other than shopping, i took Kaelynn out partying with my friend Angie Ng. It's been three month since we met up for coffee and catch up with some new gossips. Angie took us with her bunch of lovely friends out to Thai Square. Well, practically we partied non stop for three consecutive days. It was CRAZY!! First night, we went to a a jazz bar called Ronnie Scotts to have wines, then head down to Thai Square at Trafalgar Sq, then to Karaoke at Chinatown and final destination McDs for breakfast and went home at 9am! Imagine that was just the first night. Second night, we though of going other places but ended up at Thai Sq again and then Karaoke again!! That we went home at 6am. Now, final night, I was told that we were heading to Funky Buddha or Zoo bar or Cafe de Paris but god knows why we ended up at Thai Sq again!! and then karaoke again!! Crazy nights man...but it was good times. We all had fun!! Kaelynn..hope you had lots of fun when you were here.. Miss you babe.. xx

Days in London

PS : Big thank you to Kim from Manor House and Jason from Liverpool Street for being a wonderful host and allowing us to spend our lovely beauty sleeps at your place..

Sunday, 14 June 2009

missing and Its finally OVER!

Here i am sitting on my bed with my comfortable soft duvet writing my first blog ever during the wee hours..I have been told all the time by my friend Kaelynn that i need to set up a blog. She always says to me.."Babe, when are you going to set up a blog?? I don't even know what is happening to you in UK now..". Here i am now writing my first blog and i will update you(Kaelynn) more in whats going on here yea? Though you left back to Malaysia 2 weeks ago, i am missing you babe!! Not forgetting my other two lovely mates Laura and Sabby!!

Finally, i am DONE with uni FOREVER!! I will be graduating next month 17th July. Can't wait for that day to come but as the days passed, i feel myself getting nearer to stressful days as i am now or i should say still looking for a job. And, when i get a job it will be working life for me. Unless, i plan to take my Masters, which i might persue my Masters if i feel like it and also if i have the money. Ohyea, i found a house here! Yippeee!! Kaelynn, its nicer than the one im living in now..unlucky

Also, to my fellow mates in Malaysia, i don't think i will be coming back Malaysia that soon yet. So, if you guys are planning to fly over please do so..

Till then..good night..